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Big News In The Ryanverse! No Really, It’s Big

The Forever, Parts 1, 2, & 3 are all available on Audible/Amazon. The series continues to sound fan-tast-ic! The parallel ebook/print editions are ready and priced to sell. The Forever Part 1.

Plus+, great news. A friend and literary genius has worked with me to re-edit the entirety of The Ryanverse novels. So, The Forever Series, Galaxy on Fire Series, and The Forever 1 – 3 are much cleaner. The stories are all the same, just better. Thanks to Michael R. Blanche. You rock!






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Great news in the Ryanverse. Podium has released the first part of the Audible book, Galaxy on Fire. Check it out. Dude! Now there are two outstanding audio-journeys about Jon Ryan available. Scott Aiello did another outstanding job, duh. So spend those Audible credits on something wonderful! I’ll keep you posted as to when Part 2 will be out.


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The Latest — And Greatest: Wrath of the Ancient Gods

It’s here: Wrath of the Ancient Gods. Book 4 in Rise of the Ancient Gods is out and it’s wild! Follow Jon and his team as they literally go to hell. Quick hint. Don’t accept an offer to accompany them, should they ask. Classic Jon Ryan.



And Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Browse Amazon For A New Book …

The third series in the Ryanverse has started, albeit quietly. The Rise of the Ancient Gods Series is rolling out. Return of the Ancient Gods, Book 1, is available. Book 2 is with my editor and I’m 20, 000 words into Book 3.AncientGods_eBcov_B1

Wait. Do You Hear That?

Yes, me too! The Audible version of The Forever is out and it’s outstanding. People, this is big, kind of like when Andres Cantor yells, “Goooooooooooooooool!” big. Podium Publications hired the brilliant Scott Aiello to voice act the box set of the first two books of the Forever Series, The Forever Life and The Forever Enemy.  To celebrate the release I have made the box set available in Kindle and paperback formats too. The Forever, Part 1 is available on Amazon.

The rest of the Forever Series is available now, too. Part 2 and Part 3 are live on Audible. The Forever is superb — really. Would I embellish?


A New Landmark For The Ryanverse!

The Forever Life made it to number 23 on Kindle Science Fiction.  Dude, the whole darn list. Woo hoo! Jon knew he’d make it by the way. “‘Course. Not sure why it took so long, but, sure it did. Hey, Craig, when the heck is the movie coming out? I tired of damn waiting.”




The Two Full Series In the Ryanverse

I’m Workin’ Hard

I’m doing well on the next installments in the Ryanverse. The Series is Rise of the Ancient Gods. Book 1 is Return of the Ancient Gods. It was released October 22, 2018 and went right into the top 1% of Kindle Books. Woozers! Jon finds himself trapped in the distant future with no allies or points of reference. But guess what? He does alright. Come on, he’s Jon Ryan. A few (million) Ancient Gods won’t crimp his style.

I hope this notice finds you well. The world’s a crazy place right about now. I seriously intend for my Ryanverse series to lighten the load, if only a little. AncientGods_eBcov_B1

Go to my Author’s Page to see what’s available:

Well, I need to stop procrastinating and get back to writing. Keep me posted on your thoughts … craig.



DATELINE: 5/7/17

I’m 569! Okay, if ever one is 569th, one may be questioned why they are pleased. In my case, it’s a new high. I’m 569th in scifi authors on Amazon. Yeah, not #1, or top 100, but, dude, I’m 569. There are about 15,000 scifi authors on Amazon, for those with curious minds. Woohoo!! In all seriousness, I want to thank my fans. Currently all 6 Forever Series books are in the top 70K for sales, with The Forever Life coming in the top 25K. There are over 2.5 million books for sale on on Kindle. That’s the top 1%. Okay, I’ll stop bragging now. Have a great Sunday, y’all.

The Reviews of The Forever Life Say It all!

Best of this genre I have read.

Loads of humor and adventure. This book without a doubt is one of my all time favorites… I admit I laughed out loud numerous times, something SciFi books rarely cause me to do.

Truly Great Read!

Great characters, great plot and funny too. I was late to work because I couldn’t put it down!

I liked this story very much and would recommend it to any hard Science Fiction fan.

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