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Big News In The Ryanverse! No Really, It’s Big

The Forever, Parts 1, 2, & 3 are all available on Audible/Amazon. The series continues to sound fan-tast-ic! The parallel ebook/print editions are ready and priced to sell. The Forever Part 1.

Plus+, great news. Two friends and literary geniuses has worked with me to re-edit the entirety of The Ryanverse novels. So, The Forever Series, Galaxy on Fire Series, and The Forever 1 – 3 are much cleaner. Work will be complete on Rise of the Ancient Gods very soon. The stories are the same, just better. Thanks to Michael R. Blanche and Neil Farr. You guys rock!





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Correct Order For Reading the Ryanverse!

With several series available in print and audio, I think it will be helpful to set-in-stone the proper reading oder of books in the Ryanverse. Please note: Once you’ve read them all and in order, reread them. It’s the law in the Ryanverse. You don’t want Jon and EJ coming to subdue rule breakers, now do you?

Links are for Amazon/Audible USA. All are available on each English language comparable sites also.

Order of Series:

  1. The Forever (Series). Print Book 1 = The Forever Life   Audio Book 1 = The Forever
  2. Galaxy on Fire.            Print Book 1 = Embers                 Audio Book 1 = Galaxy on Fire Part 1
  3. Rise of the Ancient Gods                 Print Book 1 = Return of the Ancient Gods                                                                                        Audio Book 1 = Rise of the Ancient Gods Part 1
  4. Time Wars Last Forever          Print Book 1 = Ryan Time                                                                                                                                        Audio Book 1 = Currently Pending (5/5/20)




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Great news in the Ryanverse. Podium has released the first two parts of the Audible book, Galaxy on Fire. Check it out. Dude! Now there are two outstanding audio-journeys about Jon Ryan available. Scott Aiello did another outstanding job, duh. So spend those Audible credits on something wonderful!


Galaxy Series 3D Line-Up_6books


Ebook_1700px 2500px_The Earth According to Gideon Book 2AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

The Galaxy According to Gideon

  I’ve stepped out of the Ryanverse for this new series. Don’t worry, the Ryanverse continues. Ryan Time, Time Wars Never End Series, Book 1, is with my formatter. But, I have always had a completely silly streak that has now managed to escape from my head. Meet Gideon, con man and rogue. He travels the galaxy, one step ahead of a lot of people (and aliens) who want him dead. They all have good reasons, too. Gideon is accompanied by Zebah, his ex-girlfriend, who has become a zombie, and Rigel, the dullest man ever to live.

  The unlikely trio gets in to one tight situation after another. They kidnap an angel from Heaven, Gideon stands an insane pirate’s daughter up at the altar, and oh so much more craziness. Check it out. You will laugh!


Ebook_3_The Galaxy According to Gideon

And Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Browse Amazon For A New Book …

The third series in the Ryanverse has started, albeit quietly. The Rise of the Ancient Gods Series is rolling out. Return of the Ancient Gods, Book 1, is available. Book 2 is with my editor and I’m 20, 000 words into Book 3.AncientGods_eBcov_B1

Wait. Do You HEAR That?

Yes, me too! The great people at Podium Publishing are all in with The Ryanverse as well as The Galaxy According to Gideon and its series, Road Trips In Space. Soon, Audible will be renamed Craig Robertson’s Audiobooks.

As of this date, the complete Forever, and the complete Galaxy On Fires series are available. They are brilliant! Scott is now narrating Rise of the Ancient Gods, so … stay tuned!

Here’s the Audible links:

The Forever, Part 1

The Forever, Part 2

The Forever, Part 3

Galaxy On Fire, Part 1

Galaxy On Fire, Part 2

Galaxy On Fire, Part 3

A New Landmark For The Ryanverse!

The Forever Life made it to number 23 on Kindle Science Fiction.  Dude, the whole darn list. Woo hoo! Jon knew he’d make it by the way. “‘Course. Not sure why it took so long, but, sure it did. Hey, Craig, when the heck is the movie coming out? I tired of damn waiting.”




The Three Full Series In the Ryanverse






I’m Workin’ Hard

I’m doing well on the next installments in the Ryanverse. The Series is Time Wars Last Forever. Ryan Time, book one, along with Lost Time, book two, are available.

I hope this notice finds you well. The world’s a crazy place right about now. I seriously intend for my Ryanverse series to lighten the load, if only a little.

Go to my Author’s Page to see what’s available:

Well, I need to stop procrastinating and get back to writing. Keep me posted on your thoughts … craig.



DATELINE: 5/7/17

Free as a bird! I’m offering a free audiobook to everyone who wants one. In the boring days of in-house lockdown I want everyone entertained. This is an early, standalone book I produced as a podcast. It really is funny, and, what’s more, it’s free! You are guaranteed to get your money’s worth!!


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God Bless!!!

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