There are three accomplishments that I am proud to take credit for in my life. My family, my medical career, and my writings. They are in, I’m certain, their proper order. My family includes my perfect wife Karen, my wonderful children Chris and Kim, and the best grandson there is, Jonathan. They, along with my salukis, combine to give me strength, meaning, and love. What humbling gifts. I include in my family, also, all those near and dear to me (you know who you are).

I’m proud of my career as a physician. I’m an internist and an immunologist. I’ve work in ER’s, hospitals, clinics, homes, and most places in between. What a rush! When I say it’s been an honor and a privilege, I truly mean it. Many aspects of the journey can be found as the nuances in of my books.

My writing gives me a spectacular creative outlet and is such a gift. In my wilder dreams, I hope my writing is of sufficient merit. My aspiration in writing is to entertain my reader, while making them think, consider, and reflect. My ultimate reward would be that, after finishing one of my books, the reader would be both pleased and wiser. I know, big dream, right? But there you have it.

Know me by what I love: Dickens, Orwell, and Bradbury; Milton, Donne, and Kipling; Coltrane, Davis, and Desmond; Picasso, Michelangelo, and Renoir; Astronomy, Biology and Geology; Doctor Who, Star Trek (original TV!), and Doctor Who (yeah, I love it that much); Lucas, Ford, and Spielberg; Avedon, Doisneau, and Arbus; burgers w/fries, coc au vin, and pizza-pizza-pizza.

Have I left anything out? Oh, just one. The most important: God. I’m an on-hold Catholic who wonders if churches are necessary devices of men. I wish I spent even more time seeing His wonder in the world and spreading His joy (I’m not evangelizing, just passing along info. This is a bio, n’est-ce pas?).

Oh, and this has never come up, but it’s totally cool! There used to be a series of magazine ads for some whiskey where beautiful people were asked a bunch of questions, about what they liked. A standard one was: What’s your favorite word? Can’t say why, but that query has stuck with me all these years. (I know, I need more meds and better hobbies, right) Now I can tell someone – you – my favorite word. Oneself! I love it. It means “on your own,” right? But, it also refers to the elf you own! Brilliant word!

Now, where’d I put that elf…